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Lakh Laboratory is a company based in the Canary Islands, we carry out the development, study and production of products for the optimal treatment of all the skin. Bady and facial.

At Lakh Laboratory we are constantly searching for better knowledge of the development of acne in youth and adults, using the most advanced ingredients for our products. We are constantly expanding our knowledge barriers with our own researchers and developing new acne-fighting products.

We are aware of climate change and we are committed to the environment, respecting the planet and without animal testing, avoiding the use of parabens, using packaging that does not affect the environment and with the firm intention of using sustainable development.

Our products are manufactured in our laboratories, to avoiding depending on third parties and thus being able to optimize the quality of the products from the first phase. All this thanks to the Joint Venture that we have with the Ejove Laboratory. Ejove Laboratory is a company that was born in the eighties by a group of professionals and who today have achieved recognition not only in our national markets but is also widely known outside our borders, world wide.

Thanks to this agreement, Ejove Laboratory provides us with the support and knowledge of the best ingredients (raw materials), production techniques, know-how, logistical support, and most importantly, customers are supported with top quality products.