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Anti Acne Spot Treatment Set


Save 10 Euros with this Set.

Local treatment cream to dry out acne. Dries acne and pimples and unblocks pores.

75ml, 50ml, y 5 ml

Camomile Extract
Trigonella extract. 
Aloe Vera 
Salicylic acid
Tea Tree Oil

Facial Cleansner 75ml : Clean your face with this liquid and then rinse with lukewarm water. After drying apply the Lakh facial cream 50ml.

Facial Cream 50ml :  Wash your face with our Lakh cleansner and then apply the cream in the morning and in the evening..

Spot Treatment Cream 5ml : Put small amount of spot treatment cream on acne lesions. Let dry out all night

Natural ingredients

For all skins

Anti-acne treatment